Friday, March 4, 2016

Healthy Cooking Substitutes & Swaps! Mind Over Munch Kickstart 2016

Hi friends, so I thought that the series would be a great time to share a video withsome basic healthy cooking substitutions. If you been watching from my channel for awhile then you may recognize some of these. I pretty much consider thesenormal cooking ingredients now and by making some of these swaps I foundhealthy cooking to be a little bit easier and more successful. So i'm gonnawhiz through 30 of these as quickly as I can. Thumbs up if you're stoked for swaps. Oat four for all-purpose. Now I always make my own by blending up oats. Use certified gluten-freeif preferred. This is great for baking. Black beans for flour like in my black beanbrownies.

Gluten-free no flour required. Coconut palm sugar for sugar. It stillhas carbs and sugar but is a great unrefined option. It's natural and tastesdelicious. Monk fruit, erythritol, or stevia for sucralose, aspartame, or saccharine.If you want a no calorie option try a natural substitute rather than one that'schemically made. Nice scream for ice cream. You only need one ingredient bananas.

Coconut whipped cream for whipped cream. Sugar free powdered sugar forpowdered sugar. Fruit puree for butter or oil. This could be canned pumpkin, applesauce, bananas, even avocados. Olive or coconut oil for better for sauting.Greek yogurt for butter or oil in baking. Greek yogurt for sour cream itliterally taste the same. Greek yogurt for mayo in chicken or tuna salad.Avocado mash for mayo in chicken or tuna salad or on a sandwich. Hummus for mayo on asandwich. Neufchatel for cream cheese. Zucchini noodles for pasta. Spaghetti squash for pasta.

Zucchini strips for lasagna. Cauliflower rice for rice. Cauliflower mashed potatoesfor mashed potatoes. Lettuce wraps for tortillas. Chia seeds for eggs if you'relooking for a vegan option when baking. Egg whites or beaters for a lower-fategg option. Rolled or quick oats for bread crumbs. Kale chips for potato chips. Bakedsweet potato fries for french fries. Popcorn for chips. Nuts or popcorn forcroutons. Almond or cashew milk for milk. nutritional yeast for cheese. I couldprobably list about 50 more so maybe we'll have to do another one of these later butuntil then if you have any of your favorite cooking or baking subs or swapsthat you want to share, please do so in the comments below and let me know whichones you're already using regularly. I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend. Iwill be here tomorrow with a brand new recipe so please subscribe if you haven't already and remember it's all a matter of Mind Over Munch

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