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Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

I'm gonna share with you some healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss. It's important to eat simple in the morning. Because your body's in elimination cycle, when you eat simple, it's able to use the energy to work on eliminating, getting rid of toxins, moving things out. So if you eat a highly complex breakfast, you're using the energy on digesting the food instead of allowing your body to go through the cycle that it needs to. Some people wake up really hungry and some people wake up not hungry at all. So is it okay to not eat breakfast? My opinion is yes. It's just fine. It allows your body to continue the cycle that it's working on, but you need to make sure you're drinking plenty of fluids. So, fresh juice or even just water, or herbal tea. It, it's really detrimental to your body if you just go without. And if you're doing that everyday - you're not drinking and you're not eating, that can hurt your body. And it can mess up your metabolism. 

So just make sure you're drinking plenty of fluids. Your body's made up of 80% fluid. You need to make sure you're getting that in and when you do eat, be sure that you eat something very nutritious so then you're giving yourself what it needs when you do eat. 

Something that people that are trying to lose weight worry about is 'What can I eat?'. So having a wide variety of things to eat in the morning to start your day is really helpful and really important. I wanna give you a few tips first before I give you some healthy breakfast ideas. The first one is start your day, your morning, with a whole glass of water. So this is helpful because it helps flush the bowels which is really important to being able to lose the weight or release the weight that you're wanting to let go of. And then also it starts you off feeling full already. 

So you've got some good water in your system. The second tip is to make sure what you choose tastes good. So I'll give you a lot of different options and try out some things and decide what you do like because if what you're eating doesn't taste good to you, just that emotion can stop you from releasing the weight. So you wanna make sure what you're choosing tastes good to make you feel happy. The third tip that I wanna give you is make sure that it's easy to digest. So you're eating life food; your body is able to easily break down and utilize the way that it needs to. 

Eating food that is full of nutrition keeps you full for longer. The foods that I choose to eat in the morning or drink is green smoothie. This is probably my staple food because I use it in the morning but I make enough so that I can use it later in the day for a snack or for lunch. But green smoothies are so full of nutrition that it leaves you feeling full. If you experiment and you're good at making them and it tastes good, and it's easy to digest. So another tip that I wanna give you is, is something that you can use in the morning as part of your breakfast is warm water with a little apple cider vinegar there and a little honey. And that is so full of nutrition that it helps you, it curbs the appetite because it shuts off those sensors of calling out for nutrition. And so that can help you break down congestion in your body, release toxins, helps you release weight, but it also keeps you feeling full. Something that is really good to know is that you can eat as much as you want as long as you're eating the right food. So, I like to eat just fruit in the morning. It's easiest on my body and it's, it's sweet and that's something that we crave in the morning.

 So, green smoothies, fresh juice, as much fresh food as you want, so maybe you have your green smoothie and two hours later, you're hungry, then you can have a banana or have a bowl of grapes or have some strawberries. And knowing that you can eat as much as you want relaxes your emotions and it, you don't feel deprived. The only thing that I recommend is after you are allowing yourself to eat as much as you want in the morning, just allow one hour before lunch. It's important for our digestive system to have a break. Even if you're eating good food, it's making your digestive system work - be overworked sometimes... so just allow an hour to lapse and drink some water and then you're ready for lunch. Two of my favorites is a smoothie bowl and oatmeal. So, you learned how to make oatmeal easily where the nutrition is still in there. Something to know about that is make sure you're not adding fruit in there if you have a hard time digesting that. But as long as you cook the oatmeal properly, or prepare it properly, then you can have that in the morning. And if you're going to have fruit, then have your fruit first, wait 20 minutes and you can have your oatmeal. But having those together, it's hard for your body to break that down. The smoothie bowl - you can make your favorite green smoothie and add whatever fruit that you love. I also like to decorate the top and you can find this on, if you Google it and look for smoothie bowls and see all the beautiful designs that you can put on top. It makes it fun to eat, it tastes good, and with almonds and sunflower seeds and chia seeds, it's just nutrient-packed. And it's also fun for your eyes to look at, so it's satisfying for your eyes and for your appetite and your taste buds! So the traditional breakfast like cereal, pancake, sausage, bacon, eggs - those things are hard for your body to break down. They, you have to cook them. So most of them, the nutrition is gone. And if you're using white bread for toast or cereals that have sugar in them, well the white bread is just like sugar. It reacts the same in your body and the sugar cereal we know is not good for us. So that's something that you can slowly come off of if it's hard to let go. I used to LOVE cereal! I ate cereal for breakfast and for snacks. 

But it always left me feeling hungry five minutes later and that's because there's not a lot of nutrition there. Even the cereals that says on the box that it's fortified with nutrition, there's no way that we can put nutrition back in and replace what nature has. So we wanna get the nutrition straight from the earth. So as you switch over to some of my suggestions that I gave you, not only will you start to get the results that you want, but you'll find that you are full for longer and you feel so much better. In the beginning though as you switch, you can feel hungry and maybe even irritable because you're used to having those foods, and sometimes just the emotion of needing it makes us feel like that's what we need, that's what our body needs. But if you give it enough time and you give this a chance, you'll prove to yourself that this is much better for your body and your mind, and you will get the results that you're looking for faster. If you're looking for a healthy option for protein instead of bacon or sausage, just know that your green smoothies - it is brimful of protein. Your body takes amino acids and puts them together, builds a protein that fast! And it's easy for your body to use. So you get protein and the elements of the amino acids and all of plant-based food. So if you're worried about the protein, if you put plenty of greens in and you also get it in your raw nuts, you'll have the protein that you need. I hope you'll give these healthy breakfast ideas a try, and if you'll be patient, I promise it will come easy and you will end up loving your breakfast and getting the results that you're looking for.

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