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3 Weight Loss Tips To Understand Before You Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Hey guys its Joe welcome back to my channel So todays video is going to be 3 generic tips for people who havent started off on their weight loss journeys yet Or for people who are starting out, things that you should about weight loss They are going to be comprised of things that i learned over both my weight loss journeys And they arent going to be too specific, too factual, they are just sort of general ideas you need to keep in mind before you lose the weight So the first tip is something that friends and family ask me a lot as you would imagine Which is how did you lose all the weight have you got any tips, have you got any tricks any advice Give me some help, and they think Ive got this magical secret answer that Joe seems to have found out about that nobody else knows about And its just not the case, now i dont want to give them a generic answer because they know this You need to exercise, and you need to diet So what i tell them is... 

You need to lose the weight slowly But that means that you can lose 1% of your weight or 2 pounds per week, whichever is highest Now if youve never seen a 2 pound piece of fat which Im guessing most of you havent Its quite a large amount of fat, and if you had seen it you would realise why its so unhealthy to lose more than that amount per week Now obviously if you are massively obese and your 250 plus pounds like i was You can lose 2.5 pounds if you are 250 pounds But if you are 190 pounds you can still lose 2 pounds per week, thats perfectly safe And the reason i say this is because, over the long term, doing it slowly means that you are taking your diet and exercise properly And it means it is going to be sustainable for the rest of your life Now the second tip is that people say that 95% of the results are diet and only 5% are exercise Now this is true,

 95% of your results come from your diet because at the end of the day How much weight you lose is based on how many calories your body needs, and how many calories you give your body And if you dont give your body enough calories, it starts to eat away at itself, it starts to target the fat in your body for energy to survive Now the reason i dont like this is because it gives this idea that people dont need to exercise to actually lose weight Because its only 5% of the results right? But thats not the case If your motivated enough to diet and to eat properly, then you should be motivated enough to exercise as well Now this is also good because it promotes a balanced healthy lifestyle that is going to be sustainable long term Because people need to exercise, that is something that is built into humans, we need to be exercised, we need to build muscles And its also going to be muscle which means that when you lose all that weight youre going to have a much better physique Youre not going to be left with skin and bone and then have to build muscle on top of that So over the long term, doing exercise and dieting at the same time is the way to go to losing weight You cant do one without doing the other, i wouldnt recommend it, and thats something that i tell everybody So 95% of the results are diet... Yes... 

What you eat is going to determine how much weight you lose But you need to be exercising as well Now the 3rd bit of advice is that there is that there is too much information out there You need to stop going on the internet and Googling what is the best way to lose weight What is the fastest way, what is the best cardio, what is the best diet, and you need to take it all down to a simple level Cardio is cardio, cardio means you are getting your heart rate up, your breathing a lot and you are getting a sweat on and you are burning calories Now what you do is irrelevant, i see a million and 1 articles comparing jogging to what i do which is high intensity interval training And i just dont understand why because at the end of the day, if i burned 5 times as many calories jogging as i do in my HIIT sessions I still wouldnt do it because i just do not enjoy it at all Now, you need to find something that you enjoy, if you dont know what you enjoy you need to try some things out You need to go the gym and lift some weights, you need to go for a jog, you need to try a HIIT session You need to try all these things and find what you enjoy because if you are obese, you are probably going to be doing it for at least 6 months to see any large weight loss results And you are probably going to be doing it for a year plus to actually lose all the weight, and the other thing is, you need to be doing it for the rest of your life You need to find stuff you can do sustainably in the long term, and i mean long long term, over decades, for the rest of your life to make sure you never go back to being obese Now the same goes for diets, you need to stop looking at these fancy low carb diets, and paleo diets and intermittent fasting While some of them may work, if you are obese, its not going to be a good starting point for you Youre eating too much sugar, too much fat, too many calories in general, and you need to cut down on them all and take it to a basic level You need to take a look at your dinner plate and decide for yourself, and be honest whether it is healthy or not And then you need to integrate that with some form of exercise, it doesnt matter what it is

It doesnt matter how hard you push As long as you are pushing as hard as you can at your current weight, and you know obese people arent going to be able to push as hard You need to just do your exercise and eat clean, dont overcomplicate things at the start As you start get further in you can start looking at trying some specific diets out when you feel like you are motivated enough Its going to be more difficult, like intermittent fasting is going to be quite strict, so you just need to start off eating healthy and exercising So if you did like this video, please do like it and comment, i would appreciate it if you guys could give me your ideas on what i have spoke about here Im sure a few of you will have slightly different opinions but that is why you should share them I would also really appreciate it if you could subscribe if you did like this video because Im going to be releasing more content going into more detail And Im going to be doing loads more videos over the weekend and next week So i would also appreciate it if you could share it around, you are helping me help other people

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