Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Formal Hairstyles for Prom, Weddings, & Special Events

They're all super cute and easier to do than they look. You should start with some beautiful curls in your hair. This has been my go to curly hairstyle, and here's a mini tutorial for it. I usually use my 1 inch curling wand from NuMe. They have a great Valentine's Day deal going on right now, so I'll leave that in the description box for you. If you don't have a NuMe wand, no worries - feel free to use any curling tool that you have around. Begin curling your hair by taking a section in the back and wrap it around your curling wand for 10 seconds, going away from your face. You should have this pretty soft curl. Keep curling your hair away from you but change it up by randomly taking thicker and thinner sections. This will make your curls look more spontaneous. 

When you get to the front, curl thinner sections so your hair will frame your face better. Repeat this to the other side and you can separate your curls to soften them up. This is how I curl my hair most of the time and I love it. It takes 15 minutes and the curls last incredibly long. Okay, now that you have your curls, let's create this pretty half up half down hairstyle. 

Start by leaving two sections in the front and tie your hair into a half ponytail. Make a hole in the middle of this ponytail and flip your hair inside it to create a twist. Now twirl one of the front section back and put it into the hole. Wrap it around one more time to create this nice twisted effect. Repeat the same steps to the to her side and you're done! Since this half up half down hairstyle was so quick and simple, it's great when you're in a rush. This next hairstyle is ponytail dressed with a hairbow. Begin by tying your hair into a low ponytail and separate out a section with another thin elastic. On the last tie, you'll only want to pull your hair through a little bit to create a small bun. Divide your bun in half and temporarily pin it to the side so we can work on the middle of the bow. To do this, separate a small section of hair and poke your finger up from the bottom of your ponytail. Use this finger to grab your hair and pull it down. Merge this section with the rest of your hair by tying it in with your ponytail. You can now work on the sides of your hairbow. Simply fan them out and secure them with bobby pins. And this look is complete. 

This is such a pretty hairstyle that I'm sure you'll get plenty of compliments on. This last hairstyle is another eye-catching one. fIt's a rose updo that's perfect for formal events. Start by twisting two sections from the top around each other and as you go down, add some hair to the section closest to your face. Tie this off when you're a little past your ear and repeat these steps to the other side. Continue this twist around your head and join all of your hair into a basic braid. When you're finished, you should have this casual hairstyle that's totally cute for school. To do the flower updo, pretend like you're wrapping your hair into a bun in the back and then whichever side shows on the outside, you'll want to pinch it and bring it to the front. Gently pull on that side of your braid to create flower petals. Now wrap your braid around in the back to form a bun, making sure that it lays flat so it's easier to pin it down. You can pin your hair as you go along so it's secured from the center to the outside. And that's it. You have yourself this gorgeous updo for day or night. I hope you enjoyed the hairstyles that I shared in this tutorial. They're great for Valentine's Day, but you can definitely do them for other special events. If you try them out, don't forget to wear them with your beautiful smile. Thank you for watching and be sure to subscribe to my channel for new videos. Have a wonderful Valentine with your loved ones, and I'll see you soon. Toodles!

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