Monday, February 29, 2016

Anti-Aging Diet Tips

Ever since I told you guys that I was 30, you guys freak out,and I got so many comment on it, some of them completely hilarious,but I definitely owe you guys some anti-aging tips and what I discovered recently,re.. literally blew.. rea-literally, literally brew ugh.. oh my god,literally blew my mind,because this isn’t something I ever learned in school and my parents never told me thisit’s is one of the most awesome anti-aging tips I ever found out in my life, and is not skin careI always been a firm believer that what you put inside your body has a bigger effect on your skinand your overall health than what you put on top,although a good skin routine is super important.

I may stress really really importantlooking young and looking gracefully has a lot to do with what you put into your bodyand what I recently realized, bacon could actually be giving me wrinkles,other things that I’ve been putting into my body have also been very bad for it,I actually didn’t even know until I started reading this book called ‘how not to die’ is aNew York Best SellerI highly recommend it, I am gonna explain more about in the description box and link it for you guyswhat I read on it rea-literally change the way I look at my foodI’m actually really excited I could share this over 900,000 thousand of you guys,oh my god our family has grown and if you guys haven’t joined, click the subscribe buttonand I post 2 videos a week, you’ll get notificationsat the end of the video,

I am gonna be giving you some super easy ways to incorporate this new diet in your life stylebecause I am lazy and if I can do it, I am sure you can.What I just discovered in this book is that the amount of AGEs in your foodcan actually affect the aging process, whether you get wrinkles,and high levels of AGEs can also promote insulin resistance,which is hand in hand with things like diabetesand it makes it harder for you to lose weight,and AGEs stands for Advanced Glycation End Productsis kind of like a very perfect acronymbecause it spells AGE and it helps with anti-aging, meant to be.What AGEs does is it actually increases the oxidizati… the oxidization and that is bad foragingbecause antioxidants reduce oxidization and keeps us looking young, where oxidization doesthe opposite.Foods with high levels of AGEs can actually increase oxidization levelsto a point where your body can’t handle itit increases inflammation and basically it just ages you and it could age you prematurelyif you are consuming too many AGEs.

Some of the most innocent things you eat on your plate has crazy amounts of AGEsso bacon that has been microwaved for 3 minutes has over 90,000 AGEsand canned corn has 195 AGEs so the difference in just like food choice is incrediblethe other thing I discovered that was crazy is that even the same food itemscan have a huge difference in AGEs just depending on how you cook itSo chicken that has been fried by 8 minutes has over 73,000 AGEsbut if you take the exact same chicken and boil it for an hour, there is only a little over 11,000 AGEsyou can even eat the exact same food and cook it differentlyand you can vastly reduce the amount of AGEs you consumein general fruit and veggies have low levels of AGEsand fats, sugars, processed foods, and meat have higher levelscooking methods with high levels of moisture such as steaming, boiling,cooking at low temperature, like stewing and slow cooking it reduces the amount of AGEscooking methods that are really dry and really really hot like over 300 degreescan actually dramatically increase the amount of AGEsthings like frying, grilling, barbecuing, baking,goodbye barbecues forever, so longand one thing to know is that even if you fry or cook vegetables and fruitsin these really high temperatures and dry methodsit actually doesn’t increase the amount of AGEs that badlycompared to foods with high fat or sugar content such as meatand.

I wanted to take you guys to brunchto show you how I changed the way I eat after finding out this informationI love going to cafes with my fiance,how like eating lower AGEs actually doesn’t affect your enjoyment of foodwe are heading to a healthy food cafeI try and pick dishes that are legumes, vegetablesand if you feel like something meaty you can consider mushrooms,avoid a lot of cheese and bacon and sausages are super high in AGEsask them to substitute the meat with something else if you canwe got a spoongot it all over my hands ~laughs~you know is not as fatty as normal nachos in terms of the meat,there is not much oil, is all vegetarian, no cheese, chip tomato minceand I feel like they are baked and not fried, is really good.think poached eggs instead of fried eggs,poached chicken instead of fried chicken or roasted chickenand also look for things that are raw instead of baked or roasted, when I go out now I try to look for cafes that have the words like whole foods or even like vegetarian cafes.

Have the choice of picking the healthiest thing from the menu even if you can’t pick the r as I mentioned before a really quick and easy way to reduce the amount of AGEs is in your foodis actually to change the way you cook things try steaming things more often,going to restaurants with steam foods, boiling food, we use a slow cooker,instead of using the high heat on your stove, turn it to low heat and cook it a little bitlongeralso avoid things like burn bits, crispy bits, they can actually increase your AGEs dramaticallyand they are actually not that great for youif you avoid burning your food that can save you a lot of AGEs,so if you do have to have barbecues, marinating these meats in a citrus based kind of marinadelike lemon or lime can actually reduce vast amounts of AGEs once you cook itso I hope that this little gem of information inspires you to change the way that you eatso that we can all be vampiresliving a healthy lifestyle low in AGEs can actually reduce a bunch of diseaseslike heart disease, diabetes, alzheimer’s disease, and kidneys failurethere is no harm in changing the way you eatkey bonus is that we get wrinkles a lot later in lifeand I think a really fun exercisewould be for you guys to list 1 kind of food substitution change after listening to this video,so are you gonna replace you know fried chicken with boiled chicken?I love to know what your tips are and I’m sure you guys will inspire other people to makechangesreducing AGEs is only of course a small component of a healthy lifestyleI got a whole playlist of diets and sort of exercise tips on my channelso I’m gonna link that down below in here for you guysI went through a huge weight loss phase, where I tried to become healthierso don’t forget that I love you guys so so so much,and I’ll see you guys right back here in a couple of daysbye

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