Friday, May 13, 2016


Hi my name is the engine Val and I am indignant intentionally I currently AM owner of the bar Hair Studio which is located everything to california today I'm going to be putting in weed in white girls here for the first time I know that their extension as well as full wig it laughs.

I think it lasts for a while sometimes it was like a ball cap and they do it rating in sewing it hurt ya the answer probably has leaves rates entered the game maybe beyonce has extension are expecting you come out of it looking like a mermaid how much could we have cost and can be $1,000 it depends on the hand is it going to her probably one of the answers so everybody be doing something slightly different it's still leaving but it it's called a copper binding or briefly going do you prefer the term we've all ages no i didnt feel so far did you know it's good it's good I think that is the worst in my life to protect what we just started ok I had a war story where this client have been adversely claims she had like mold and right now.

I see going on she said like smelly honestly did not go over a watery left I whatever texture your natural hair texture ease the extension of that you're putting in half the matter because all you hear is out I don't think teenagers shouldn't get them yeah because I feel like you have to learn to live with you already have first before you start adding you doing good yeah yeah this one's a little bit yeah I saw fit where I think happy thoughts happy thoughts this mom got tired of her daughter's school and active over here her own here without you bought another mom yes and we actually put extensions in her here to make sure that you know you couldn't see that ball of fire it was bad this honestly the hardest part you will feel a little bit more tightness as I'm actually you were right I know I was always voices they just go pick fights now he would like to see if we have panels and then all I write a review on Yelp gone yet make sure you see me and just let them know like it didn't come out even though I thought today we need wind in my face like a big man I feel like I have a mini facelift going on if I kept these in how long would it take two-month pills taken if she got it alright but it's all cool though but i wanna just do this I'm sorry this raid the Andhra it looks really really a fan fee which talks about light and love children is like therapy good.

So I love it really gave me the stanley field glamorous I love my way this is Grade I didn't like my head's throbbing but like it's worth it was probably the one that have liked more areas that were more sensitive than they did you just a little bit less than I expected and once you get used to it acknowledged the pain and stronger than that if my ass could get better because I believe that would be great but I know something happening I feel like I can't there's a lot more attention to me had the future and I'm into attention so that's good I don't necessarily think that people need it and I feel like it's kind of a cultural pressure on women to get it but I feel I feel like pretty confident and great weather I being you know the the white halter is getting more into it and just flip that we think we're watching my growth get new forever first time we heard you like and share with your friends I'm Diego just go by

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