Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Finally! My Nail Art Brushes are Ready!

Nail Art Brushes. Hi everybody this is Robin and if you are watching this means that my Kickstarter has launched you can go to the links below or on the screen or on my fan page on Facebook and you will find it there you will see how hard I have worked to get here this this project has been scrapped its been postponed everything that can go wrong has gone wrong with it but it is and I am so proud of it as you guys know I've been testing brushes for almost two years as the third run and it is perfect for those of you guys who have been watching me for a long time you know that it is my goal to get russia's worldwide to people who want to learn the joy of painting and I believe these brushes will be perfect for all of my tutorial a wonderful experience and to everyone who has operations directly probe me that I've been sending out every day to help promote this and help get this started in funded they hear from my heart so now I'm ready to start the second step and go to the link look at what's going on and I will see you back with more everybody have a great day

Nail Art Brushes

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