Tuesday, April 12, 2016


If you look a certain way and you're happy with how you look then that's fine. But the majority of individuals wants a tight butt and toned legs when it comes to women, and men want to have six packs and striated muscles. So, again, I'm speaking for the majority here not the minority. If you look a different way and you're happy with how you look then please don't take offense to what I'm about to say. All I'm trying to do is offer you guys some insight on how I feel the right way to cut and the wrong way to cut is. Now, let's get right into this. So, I'm going to throw up a picture now, this picture right here is an example of a cut gone right. As you can see in the left picture this guy isn't fat, but he's obviously a little smooth and chubby. 

Now again, I didn't say he's fat, but if you can't tell there's an obvious difference, you might just need to turn this video off right now. So, in the right picture, we can see that the he looks like he lost almost pure fat and no muscle, which is the whole point of doing a cut properly. You guys need to realize that muscle is what makes us look "good". And I put that in quotation marks for the people who are going to get upset at this video. Again, what make makes this look good is muscle mass. That's why this guy look so good and his look is desirable because he looks like he lost almost pure fat and kept all his muscle which is exactly what we're trying to do on a proper cut, okay? Here comes picture number two. 

Now, this is a cut that went wrong. Now, before you all try and jump through the screen and crucify me, let me explain. First off, let's give credit where credit is due, she looks great, but to me, it looks like she lost a ton of muscle mass in the process. You can tell most likely by the way she looks that this girl went into the gym, went straight to the cardio machines for 30 minutes to an hour and never even bothered to look at the weighs on the other side of the gym. Again, this is fine depending on your goals, but for most individuals who are concerned about gaining muscle and losing body fat. People who are considered to have the best physiques, typically have a higher muscle to fat ratio. Here, I can almost guarantee you this is not the case. She looks as if she lost just as much muscle as she did body fat. So, yes, she is smaller and she is leaner and I get that some girls desire this look, and it's preferable to them, no one is arguing that. But again, I'm speaking for the majority here and saying that if she had lifted weights in addition to her cardio, she would have kept a lot more muscle mass and probably would have looked a little bit more defined and toned which is the goal for the majority of women. So, can we at least agree with that? Oh and again, if you're the girl that says, "Oh, I can't lift weights, I put on muscle too fast." Let me just break something down for you. I've been trying to gain as much muscle mass as possible since the age of 12, and for those of you who kind of know what my goal is to have one of the best physiques in the world; I've a long, long way to go. I lift weights six days a week for probably two plus hours a day; this isn't recommended for, you know, normal people or for most of my subscribers, but I have a different goal. So, my point is, if I hadn't gained as much muscle as I want with twice the testosterone as a woman, then, that statement for women just simply is not true. 

The reason you probably put on weight is the combination of starting to lift, but stopping your cardio. Then, you're probably going around telling people you eat salads all day, when in reality, we all know you have some secret stash behind your closet. That's just simply the truth. So, if your excuse is you don't want to lift weights because you put on too much muscle, that's pretty much the way mass excuse to get out of lifting. On to point number three. Now off the bat, what can we see? He obviously lost a ton of weight, but you can probably guess what I'm going to say next. He's smooth. Smooth as a baby's bottom and fat. I'm proud of this guy because he took action to lose the weight, but again, it looks like someone here just did strictly cardio and took the weights out of the equation. So, to recap, what happened here? He lost a combination of muscle and fat, which is not the goal. We want to keep as much muscle as possible while stripping away the fat. So, how do we do that? Well, you have to stimulate your muscles differently. And, "How do I do that Tanner?" Hit those weights and hit them hard at least three times a week. Obviously those who follow me know that I set up workout program and meal plans, so if you don't know where to start, just shoot me an email or comment down below. So, that's pretty much it guys, if you want to have a fitness model type look if you are a male, or bikini type girl look if you're a female, then you need to have more muscle than fat on your frame, if not, you're going to end up looking like the last two pictures I showed you where they have a very smooth look even when the weight comes off.

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