Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Snake Skin Nail Design Using Pigment Powder And Nail Stamping

As a first step we prepare Dóri’s nails, then apply Moyra nail polish No. 20 in one layer. From the nail polish, we only need one layer, because we are going to decorate the nail with pigment powder,and its effect is more visible this way. After the nail polish has dried, we brush foil glue on the nails. Then we wait until the glue becomes perfectly clear and we can start working on it. We are going to use pink pigment powder No.12, green No.05 and gold pigment powder No 26. To apply the pigment powder you should take a brush that was not used before for other purposes. 

The even colour transition is not important this time, as we will later stamp on this backgound. We brush off the excess pigment powder and wait until the nails totally dry. While the nails are drying, we prepare Moyra stamping plate No.4, called Animalistic. 

We clean it thoroughly with acetone free nail polish remover. We apply some black stamping polish on the inverse snake skin design. Then we scrape, pick up the design and stamp it on the thumb, index finger and on the pinky. On the ring and middle finger we stamp the normal snake skin design, which shows the background better. When applying bigger inverse designs, we may miss some parts. No problem, just take a small brush and paint the missing parts by hand. For this, Alexa is using a Vamp Striper brush. We protect the design with Moyra Stamping top coat. We wash off the unwanted nail polish with aceton free nail polish remover. To clean the skin very close to the nail, we recommend to use a small flat brush. Meanwhile, our stamping top coat has dried. Since we would like a matte finish to our nails, we apply some matte top coat on them. It is important not to use the matte top coat directly on the stamped design, because the matte top coatmaypull away, smudge the designs. After the matte top coat has dried, we treat the skin with cuticle oil, and our animalistic snake designisdone.

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