Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Anti-aging Nighttime Skin Care Routine

I want to start by telling you what I'm treating with my night time skincare I want my skin to be hydrated. I use products to even out my skin tone and texture because I have sun damage on my face and I also use anti aging products and products to treat aging I already have. So that's what I'm trying to treat. When you put on your skin care, you want to put on the lightest layer and then move up to the heavier layers you can put as many layers as you want but only as much as your skin will allow. If I put on too many layers on night after night my skin will break out. 

Throughout the video as I show you what I use and why I use them I'll let you know how often I use them. So if you would like to see what I use for my night time skincare routine then just keep watching! We're going to start out with washing our face. The routine I'm showing you is what I do when I have makeup on. If I don't have a lot of makeup on I won't go through all the steps that I'm about to show you but I wanted to be as complete as possible so that's what we're doing so I start out by taking my hair and getting it out of my face I like to start with a cleansing oil when I have a lot of makeup on Cleansing oils do a really good job of taking off the majority of the makeup but they do not take off all the makeup. I've tried these two that I showed you and the Boscia one and they're all really good. I think the body shop one is my favorite though. So I just rub it all over my face and it's gentle on your eyes as well and then I rinse it off with a wash cloth After I use the oil I like to go in with a makeup wipe.

I don't think makeup wipes get all your makeup off either that's why this becomes a multi-step process. Sometimes I'll start with the makeup wipe and then go in with the oil afterwards but either way there always seems to be makeup left Then I make sure all my eye makeup is off and I love these Neutrogena pads. I've been using them for years they're presoaked with make up remover so they're super quick and easy and not messy I like to wash my face with a really gentle cleanser just because I don't want to leave the residue from the makeup wipe on my face and just to make sure that all the makeup is off my face. I like this one from Aveno because it's really gentle and it does a good job of getting the last little bit of makeup off Now that our face is clean I like to use a toner. I consider this the first step of my skin care routine. Toner can help address skin issues that you have whether it's dryness, or anti-aging so it's a great thing to start out with and its good to use just to make sure that the makeup really is all off your face So don't skip out on the toner! I rotate between all of these just depending on how my skin is feeling I like to put on a layer of hydration on my eyes & my face I've been using these Neutrogena products for a couple months now and I really love them they're affordable because they're from the drugstore and there as effective as any of the other hydrogen products from Sephora so go get you some if you have dehydrated skin! Every other night I use this Peter Thomas Roth serum underneath my eyes. 

If I use it every night it's a little too hash but every other night it's perfect The same goes for this retinol treatment. On the bottle it says to use it two to three times a week and then increases as your skin allows, so I use it about every other night. You just put it on with a little dropper, it's very lightweight To control my adult acne I put this Murad Advanced Acne & Wrinkle Reducer on my chin and my t-zone and it really does help keep the acne at bay This is another great drugstore product. I put this on my forehead and corners of my mouth It's concentrated retinol and is effective on deep wrinkles I just got this Clarins Double Serum recently and I've been really liking it. It's just kind of a good catch-all basically covers all your bases in a serum, smells really good & absorbs quickly I've been liking adding this to my routine. Then to finish off, I use the Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Eye and Unwrinkle night These two are both great products for basically everything that you want in a product for the eye cream it's anti aging, anti wrinkle and the night cream is good for deep wrinkles, facial expression lines it's just a really nice rich night cream I really love these products. I have been using these for quite a while and haven't been able to find a replacement that I like. Then I always put lotion on my chest I'm not really showing you what I'm using just because I rotate what I'm using. Right now I'm using Aveno Positively Radiant but a lot of times I'll just use samples that I have. So that is it for my nighttime skincare routine. 

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