Sunday, April 17, 2016

Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss

So today we have my first installment of Fit Fridays! So today we're going to talk about my favorite detox water recipes that I've been using a ton lately! So this is the first one. And I like to drink this before I have breakfast just to start my metabolism! So I start with 33 oz of water, a single lemon, and half of an orange. And you guys can really modify this to be anyway you like, but I just really like this. 

So I'm just slicing up my fruit, just how you normally would. Obviously be really careful with your knife, I was kind of being pretty careless here, but be sure to be careful with that. I'm just wedging the lemon. Try not to cut it too much, because the more you cut it the less nutrients you get. And than I'm just taking all of my cut up fruit and just sticking it in the water. You don't have to use a glass jar and you don't have to use this much water. Again, really modify this to make it however you want. You can make a huge pitcher of it and just double up on all the fruit or you can make way less. However much you're going to want. And I try to consume this within an hour just, because the amount of sugar in the water. 

Recipe #2, so I like to start with frozen blueberries and take a quarter cup and stick those in the water. You can use fresh ones, I just like frozen, because they act like ice cubes to keep my water cold. And I am just taking a half of a lemon and sticking that in here. Alright and then I'm just adding a few drops of lime. And then that is that finished recipe. And I really like it, because it gives a nice fresh taste, but you don't have to add that. And then the final recipe is probably my favorite one. I like to take about 8 or 10 slices of cucumber and stick them in my water. You can put more or less depending on how much you like or dislike cucumbers. And then I'm taking about 8-9 strawberries, chopping these up and putting them in the water. And again just be conscious of how much you're chopping them up. Try not to chop them up completely, because again the more you chop them the less nutrients, the less good stuff you're going to get in your water. And then I am just taking all of that stuff that I just chopped and throwing it in there and then I also ripped up a few mint leaves. About 3 or 4 mint leaves and just stuck them in there, because I really like the taste of mint. Yeah that's pretty much that recipe! So those are my favorite detox water recipes, I hope you guys enjoyed this, if you have any more fit fridays you'd like to see just let me know down below and I'll be happy to do them.

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