Saturday, March 12, 2016

Weight Loss & Weight Gain - GET THE BODY OF YOUR DREAMS

Just how you see yourself in general. It's not often that you meet someone who loves their body. They love their size and their is nothing they would change about their body. And sometimes when you do, often people want to be judgmental of that person because they are very confident. They just have this, this air about them that they are very happy in their own skin and sometimes people want to be judgmental of that. And what I want to say about that is you do not know a person's past and what they have gone through, what they have experienced that got them to a place where they are in complete appreciation for who they are, their life, their body that supports them in this life. And so, you really want to take that energy and that thought process and start to examine how you feel so that you can get to that place and there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling wonderful and feeling beautiful and feeling great in your own body. My own personal story is that when I got to a place in my life where I ditched the scale, I no longer get on the scale. 

I feel I don't have a desire and that's a huge thing because I waisted a lot of years just trying to get to my ideal weight and a lot of women do that. I mean, when I have conversations with women who talk about their goals it's like we spend so much time, and not just women. I've had conversations with men as well who are trying to get to their size from college or high school and there is nothing wrong with that but I've learned that you can waist a lot of time on things that just don't move you closer to quality of life that you want to live. 

So, what I encourage is that you redirect your thoughts and it takes practice but for me when I began to focus on what I loved about my body, what I loved about myself or just anything in general that made me feel good the negative self-talk, the negative thoughts begin to fade out, literally and I built the momentum in the areas that I really wanted in my life and so when you begin to literally just take your focus off of what is causing you to be unhappy about your body and find something that you can appreciate and it might not be on the topic of your body right away. It might be your smile. It might be, um, you know. It might be something totally different but the point is to build momentum and to change your thought process to serve you in this life and eventually what will happen and what happened for me is that I became one of those people who, I love my body and there is nothing I would change about my body and I don't need the validation or for someone to else to, you know to confirm what I already feel but it took practice. It took patients, with myself and it took me really getting to a place where I move in inspiration instead of action. When I would move in action, sometimes I was all over the place and I was going in circles coming back to the same place and I can take that same thing and apply it to relationships as well but what I have learned is that, um. When I move in inspiration, when I'm inspired because I have focused so much on the things that move me forward and the things that make me happy,

I'm inspired to eat food that support me in the way that I desire and I'm inspired to go to yoga and I'm inspired to exercise and I'm inspired to go for a walk or to do the things that really support me and my body just changed on its own. Well, I'm not going to say on its own but it just changed without me applying so much action. I just felt inspired and that's what I believe. I believe when you stop getting on the scale, when you stop weighing yourself, when you practice daily just focusing on other topics or other things that you can appreciate, eventually over time you will get to a place where notice that you are inspire to eat food that give you energy and that make you feel like, um, you know. You're supporting your body and your body is supporting you. So that's what I want to encourage and I wanted to make this video because if there is anyone out there who, their just really tired of, you know, having a negative body image and coming back to this subject time and time again. Let is go. You've already put it out into the universe what you desire for yourself so let it go and just allow it to happen and it takes time and be gentle on yourself. Um, and that's really what I wanted to share with you.

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