Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Valentines Rose Acrylic and Gel Nail Design

Hi, I'm Kirsty Meakin from naio nails, in this video I'm going to show you how to do a valentinesdesign with a rose matte effect. So for this valentines design I've already applied back to black in the urban graffiti gel polishAnd then I've also applied mega gloss sealer gel and sealed that in, so it's nice and shiny.Using the ice white UV gel we're going to do a quick, simple, stencil rose.Just doing C shapesYou wrap them around each otherThen using the pure red acrylic powder,sprinkle that on, it's going to transform the white to red and it will keep it really bright.We want that to absorb the powder and it's going to go matte.

Just going to check that by tapping the excess off.And I'm going to apply a little bit more, sprinkle that over.Tap off the excess.We're going to pop that into the UV lamp, cure that for two and a half minutes, it'll take a littlebit longer to cure, that's why we're putting it in for two and a half minutes because of the powder being in the gel.I'm just going to dust off any excess and then we're going to do some more, these will be like portions of the flowers, so it will just be like a little sectionthat's coming off the nail.

Using the same technique.So you're going to do the same again, sprinkle the red acrylic powder over the top of the wet gel.Let that absorb into the gel.Tap it to check it.Need a little bit more. Can see it's not fully matte.Tap the excess off. That can go into the lamp again for two and a half minutes.That's cured and out the lamp. Dust off all the excess.All that excess powder's dusted off and then we're going to clean it up a little bit with some ofthegel residue wipe off solution. And what looks really nice about this design is the matte, embossed against the shiny background.Against that shiny black. It's really cute, nice for valentines day.Just going to finish that with a little bit of cuticle oil.That's your matte, embossed, stencil rose design, completely finished.

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