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TRX Weight Loss session : 15 minutes to lose the extra pounds

Hi guys,here we are going to do a 15 minutes weight loss session with TRX so I hope you are ready it's going to be a dynamic session because weight loss means sweating, being dynamic, being fast, AND you're going to lose some weight in this session. I've prepared 5 exercises for you. Do them for 60 seconds rest for 30 seconds between each exercise, do the session twice, and you'll be done with your 15 minutes session. Let's Go ! So we are going to start with the atomic pushups, alright! So I 'm going to put both feet into the foot cradles, roll on my back, like that, alright, even my feet if they are not even, coming back in that starting position. From there I'm going to do a plank, and start by doing a push up and on my way back, a crunch. 

A pushup, a crunch, like that! Ok! and you're going to do this for 60 seconds. For the beginners, if this one is too hard, you can rest after 30 seconds try to do the whole thing but 30 seconds, rest for 5 seconds and do another set of 30 seconds, or you can just simply do the pushups first. Alright, you don't need to come back and do the crunch, the most important is that you keep your back straight during the whole exercise, alright, and that you do your pushups. Alright guys! Good Luck! Alright for the second one it's going to be the suspended lunge, so for this one you keep the TRX to mid-calf you're going to set it up to the single-hand mode, alright, and once that is done, you make sure that it's tight and not going to fall, and now you're going to put one of your foot into the lowest foot cradle, which is this one in this case, right, like this, and that's the starting position of the suspended lunge. 

Now remember this is a weight loss session and you want this to be active, you don't want to rest and you want this to be dynamic, OK! What you're going to do is doing a lunge, like that, ok, and come back up, simply, alright! To keep stability, you can put both hands on your hips the goal here is that you extend this leg, the leg that is in the foot cradle. And this one stay straight, right 90 degree angle, you don't go further you could damage your knee ok, and come back. Your whole back keeps straight when doing this position and you will alternate during the second session, you will change leg, ok? Good! For the third one, we are going to do the skaters. This is a weight loss program, a weight loss session, so it needs to be dynamic again and here we are going to little jumps, we are going to take the TRX, alright, and keep it, you stand in this position with your point of stability both feet close to each other and your arms bent like this. You're going to start going on the right with one foot, the left foot behind you. What you're going to do here is go on the other side with your right foot behind you, but now it's a dynamic workout so you are going to jump, like this, continuously without stopping. Ok? That's the Skaters. In this exercise, the beginners, stability is hard with a TRX when you start! So if you can't manage to be on one foot like this, you are allowed to step with your foot that is behind you. Ok so when you jump to keep stability, you can put your foot on the floor if you can remove it, that's the best because in TRX when you're doing an exercise and you need to keep balance, this makes your whole body work when you need to keep balance and that's the beauty of it. So I really want you to try, not to put your feet on the floor so, your whole body will work. Alright guys, we're going to continue with the Hip Press. 

For this one we're going to put both our heels into the foot cradles, so you put your two indexes in each cradle, you role on your back, put your heels in it, and extend. What you want to do here, is adjust your body so the anchor point, your feet are right below the anchor point. Now you're going to put your head on the floor, your palms on the floor and raise heels and knees up ok? Once this forms a 90 degree angle, what you wanna do here is raise the hips like that, so your knees, your hips and your chin form a straight line and go down, and up, and down. Don't move your feet, your knees need to stay at the same position all the time, ok! This is only your hips that are moving during this exercise. Now for the advanced, if you want to increase the difficulty, what you can do here, is, remove your hands from the floor that keep you stable, move them up and do the same as well. This increases the difficulty in this exercise. 

OK. And so we're going to finish this weight loss session, with the low row, so for this one you need to adjust the TRX to fully shortened, you're going to take both handles, go in the back, put your feet close to each other, alright, starting position like this. You're going to go down, and up like that. This is the low row. What you wanna do here, make sure, is that your elbows are closed to your body when you're doing the exercise, your feet don't move from the floor, and your back and your head are straight, looking at the anchor point. For more advanced, you can even lower your angle position like this. The further your feet go, the harder it is to do because of your weight, when you're lifting your weight, you're heavier, the more you go down the gravity makes the work for you and so it's harder to press for this exercise. For the beginners, start almost straight. If you could start with your feet close to each other that's good, but if really you're a beginner, you reduce the difficulty by spreading your legs and doing the exercise like this. Guys, there is always a solution for everybody, the most important is that you do this exercise. You do it correctly, for the beginners, start with your feet spread then, put them together and for the advanced, adjust your feet closer to the anchor point and so your get lower and the difficulty increases. Now you're done with your five exercises of the weight loss session, do this session twice, sixty seconds per exercise, thirty seconds rest between exercises and you'll be done! Good Luck Guys!

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