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The Woven Updo | Cute Girls Hairstyles

I thought I'd just pop in before the video to remind you guys that I have started another channel called Millennial Moms; and if you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to go do that. You can click the link in the description box right here or click on this Information Button that's right here in the corner. I just posted a video over there yesterday all about adoptions; it includes new family photos from our family, so definitely go check it out. Be sure to subscribe while you're over there. We love having you guys around and we'd love to see you over there too. Bye, you guys!  Hey everyone, I'm Mindy from Cute Girls' Hairstyles. Cam's helping me today. Hi, guys. And we're gonna show you what were calling the woven up-do. 

Now, it's woven 'cause it's like you take a piece of hair and you weave it up and down and up and down, then back and forth and back and forth, and in the end it ends up being this fancy-smancy up-do that's really not that complicated. So if you like these tutorials, be sure to give us a thumbs-up. Don't forget to subscribe by clicking this button. And let's go to it. Now to begin this hairstyle, what you're going to do is take the hair, kinda sweep it back over the shoulders, and you just wanna divide it right in half. So just find where the center is and divide it into two pieces. And then you want to divide each of those pieces in half again; but this time, instead of doing it right down the middle, I'm going to do it so that it slightly leaves a little bit more hair in this front section than this back section. Just ever so slightly. 

And do the same thing on this side. That feels just about right to me. K, now you're going to take your first two sections, the ones on the right, and you separate off a little tiny piece on this farthest right side like this. And it's gonna go over that first section and under section two. So like this, then over section three. And then you're gonna combine it with section four. So with section four you just add it in and hang onto it. Then section off another little piece off to the leftmost side. And we're gonna reverse the process. So it's gonna go over, and then under, and then over, and combine with our right section. Once you get these in place like this, then the hair kinda keeps itself separated because you already have little pieces sectioned off and it's much easier to just do it while it's holding in your hands. So you can go under, and then over, and then hook it into that fourth section, just like I did. And pick up another piece on the left and reverse the process. So over the first section, under the second, over the third, and hook it in. 

And you're gonna keep doing this all the way down. It's kinda like a fishtail; you just have to kinda continue the same steps over and over and over and over again and then it creates the shape that you want.  So when you get down to a certain point, what's gonna happen is you're gonna start running out of hair to keep weaving through, so at this point you can add an elastic right here and put a little bow in place, or you can finish it off by continuing just a regular fishtail. What I am going to do is just divide these sections into three pieces, and I'm just gonna do a quick regular braid right here at the end just to kinda secure that hair a little bit. Then I'm going to add an elastic at the bottom. And I'm just gonna pull just simply to flatten this braid out a little bit. And then what I'm gonna do is just take it and wrap it up my fingers. Wrap it, wrap it, wrap it 'til it makes a nice little spot right here on the nape of her neck; you can see that it's all wrapped. You can see it's wrapped right through there into the back. And then I'm just gonna bobby-pin it into place so that we have like a nice little up-do. I like to pull a few little soft pieces down around her face and you are ready to go. Let's do the final spin on this really cool-looking weaved up-do. Love it.

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