Friday, March 25, 2016

Nail art water lily easy

Hello everyone! Here's a new nail art!Recently you've asked me to realize a water lilySo I tried to do this flower that I have never done before. I have applied a Bordeaux base from Color Cluband the beautiful Golden Rose nail polishThen I will use these four nail polishes:duo chromes, glittered and metallic ones.I apply them all on a piece of foamand I tap gently on my nail to make the gradient.Noticed that my base is very darkWhen I did this video, I was a bit depressed by the badweather Let's say that I made a nail art according to the weather OMG! It is really dark!I draw with acrylic paint on this gradient I draw the base of my water lily.

I draw several petals, like theseYou should respect the T shapeyou should not bring the petals too much downwards.As you can see, at the first they were drawn verticallyand the suddenly, they go horizontal.I draw the stem.I'm using acrylic paint because it is a matte baseand it will allow you to use watercolor on it.I'm using a watercolor brush and watercolor paint from Mijello And then, each time I will apply my color in the centerof the water lily. 

The heart of the flower is close to the beginning of thestem I draw a shape that looks like a duck footand I stretch it upwards to the edges of the petals.I was using a dark pinkand at the end, I have applied a little bit of purpleThen I paint the stem with green and yellow watercolor.So each time, I apply the watercolor,I fade it slightly with water to dilute it.So that the edges of the petals remain whiteand that the heart appears darker.And now with the white acrylic paintI draw the outlines with a detail brush.I draw the outlines of all the petals:The vertical and the horizontal ones too.Now with dark fuchsia water or acrylic paint,I add some strokes in the center so as to accentuate thedepth. I just realize that before applying the topcoat,I've added some small yellow dots in the center, to looklike pollen. Here is it! It's done.

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