Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Healthy Diet Plan Tips

Hello, I'm Barbara Yarnell. Give me a few minutes and I will prove beyond any reasonable argument, weight loss is not hard, difficult or impossible. But a simple matter of knowing how. Here's a small sample of the hundreds of diet-free weight loss tips that can make weight loss fast, easy and comfortable. Let's begin with the 29 pound Snickers bar. This is a 2.07 ounce, 280 calorie, regular size Snickers candy bar. Eat 1 of these everyday for a year and you gain 29 pounds. Eliminate 1 Snickers from your daily diet, don't replace those calories and lose 29 pounds in a year. The average American drinks 225 soft drink calories everyday. 

If you're the average and eliminate those calories, you lose 23 pounds in 12 months. Eliminate only 1 soda per day and lose 15.6 pounds in 12 months. Eliminate 2 sodas and lose 31 pounds. 3 sodas and you lose 47 pounds. 4 sodas and you lose 62 pounds. 5 sodas and you lose 78 pounds. Get rid of 6 sodas a day for a year, don't replace those calories and you lose an amazing 93 pounds in 12 short months. No diet required. Mathematical fact. Or how about this. Eliminate a paltry 2 ounce serving of potato chips everyday and lose 33 pounds in one year. 2 ounces of potato chips has 320 calories. One 6 ounce filet mignon has 260 calories. Which would you prefer? Which would be more satisfying? And besides, no one eats only one serving of potato chips.

We devour 2 or 3 or more servings when we eat chips. And if you add dip to your chips, you double the calorie devastation. Now, let's look at McDonald's Big Mac, large fry and large soft drink totalling 1,350 calories. Compare the Big Mac meal with McDonald's original hamburger old school meal at 590 calories. That's a 760 calorie difference. Make this simple exchange everyday for a year and lose 79 pounds. Make this exchange only once per week and you lose 11 pounds. Do it 3 times per week and lose 33 pounds. Either way, no diet required. Various estimates say the average American consumes between 350 to 650 calories a day in sweetened drinks like, lattes, soda, fruit juices and alcoholic beverages. Replace those calories with a zero calorie unsweetened iced tea and lose 36 and 67 pounds respectively. Again, no starve and sweat diet required.

Now let's add 3 teaspoons of sugar to the iced tea for a 12 ounce drink of 48 calories. Compared to a 150 calorie 12 ounce soda. That's a 102 calorie difference. Make this simple exchange 3 times a day and you lose 31 pounds in 12 short months. Most people don't realize one pound of muscle burns 70 calories per day. While a pound of fat only burns 3 calories. Replace 5 pounds of fat with 5 pounds of calorie gobbling muscle and burn an automatic 335 calories per day. Or the yearly equivalent of 35 pounds lost. Again, no diet required. Here's a good rule of thumb. To lose one pound of weight you must reduce or burn 3500 calories. 3500 calories equals one pound of weight. For every 100 calories you reduce from your daily diet you lose 10 pounds. So, reduce 100 calories a day and lose 10 pounds per year. Reduce 200 calories and lose 20 pounds, reduce 300 calories and you lose 30 pounds and so one. So, let's see what 100 calories and 300 calories look like. 100 calories of chips, about 10 chips 100 calories of crunchy peanut butter, 1 tablespoon 100 calories of blue cheese dressing, 1 tablespoon That's 300 calories right there - 10 chips, a tablespoon of peanut butter and a tablespoon of salad dressing. 100 calories of grape juice, 6 ounces 100 calories of pancake syrup, 1 tablespoon 100 calories of McDonald's fries, about 8 fries 100 calories of a Snickers bar, 1 big bite. Now here are the facts. Reduce 100 calories at every meal for a total of 300 calories per day, and you lose 31 pounds in a years time. Genuine weight loss, pure and simple. Inarguable mathematical fact. Weight loss is not hard, difficult or impossible. Unless you make it so with a typical crave and cave, lifestyle makeover diet. Now you have a real alternative to the pain and misery of dieting. If you wish to know more about how diet-free weight loss can help you lose every pound, I urge you to visit the link below and read every word on this page. I believe it's the real weight loss solution you have been searching for. And remember, it's called Invisible Weight Loss because you see the results, not the effort. Thank you for watching and I sincerely hope this information helps you achieve what you want most. A new, healthy, trim, attractive figure. Thanks again.

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