Friday, March 18, 2016

Health Insurance Companies Are Misleading Patients - ACEP Fights Back!

Health insurance companies are misleading patients by offering what they call affordable premiums but actually those insurance plans cover very little when patients need it most care about this because basically patients are being put in between insurance companies and physicians when health insurance companies don't pay them all charges for a service physicians must then build the patient directly for the balance the insurance companies have created the situation and they are not acting in good faith companies are portraying physicians as the bad guys have when in fact they are the bad guy that's because they are increasing their profits in part by limiting the number of doctors.

And hospitals available to their customers forcing them to go out of network but what if it's an emergency here are 10 with his patients have an emergency they don't have a choice where they go often there isn't time to make a decision in network out of network in the shouldn't be punished for that in a recent poll seven in 10 emergency physicians and patients with health insurance who had delayed medical care because of high out of pocket expenses deductibles.

And coinsurance emergency physicians are in a unique position when it comes to this issue we don't have a choice because in fact we see everyone unlike any other specialty it is our responsibility and take care of everyone insurance companies are exploiting the federal law and Tala which requires emergency departments to care for any patient regardless of their ability to pay all the more reason why insurance companies should provide fair coverage for emergency patients and not set arbitrary rates that don't cover costs of care putting unnecessary strain on patients we have to get them out of the middle and we need to talk with our legislators and regulators about their coverage for patients for more information on how you can help please go to our website at work

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