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Double French Messy Bun | Updo Hairstyles

We are going to show you a hair style that I'm calling the double French bun. Now, this hairstyle, I think, is great because I think it looks "caszh" enough that you could really throw on a pair of jeans and wear it. But I really think that you could wear it all the way up to prom, depending on what you have on simply changes the way the hair style looks. So you guys are going to love it. Now, to begin this hairstyle, you can see that Cam's hair-- she just slept on it, out of the shower. So it's kind of half-curled. It doesn't really make any difference this time. We're going to right about by her temple. And I'm just taking a comb. And I'm going to just part from about her temple, down-- kind of on a semi-C shape-- down, hook around her ear, and down to her neck line. 

And it doesn't have to be a really large, large section. Even this one, you can see it's not super wide, it's not super thick. And I may have even not quite gone low enough. So, again, I'm going to do it just right. There we go. Hook around her ear. So from temple just down to the right side of her neck. Now we're going to repeat that on the opposite side. 

So I'm going to hold this one out of the way with just a clip. If you're doing this on yourself, a clip would work great. If you have, like-- she could hold it because she's here helping me. So whichever way you want to do it is fine. Just get it out of the way and repeat on this side. Now you're going to have them tip their head really far back so I can see a better angle. And I'm going to pick up hair right in the front and begin a French braid. This is just a normal French braid. 

So if you know how to French braid, you can do this on yourself. We will be adding hair in. And I'm going to take relatively small sections. I want this to be a really tight, crisp-looking, smaller section braid, not a big, loose big-section braid. Now, when you hit about the midway point of the head, so right about the crown, then I'm going to stop adding in hair and just do a few stiches of regular braid. And then secure it with an elastic to hold that in place for right now. And then I am going to flip it up and over so it's out of the way. Now I'm going to repeat that process but on the nape of the neck and working our way up to the exact same point in the hair. So I'm going to have her flip her head over-- if you were doing this on yourself, you'd flip your own head over-- and then begin the braid. And bear in mind those part lines we have. So you want to keep those-- you won't see them when we're done. But you want to be aware of where they are. 

We're going to pick up hair again and start a French braid. Now when you're done and you're hitting the other braid-- again, I'm going to do a couple stitches-- I'm going to have her flip her head back up. So we have our nice running French braid all the way up. I'm going to join the two braids right here, remove that elastic. And then, this is where the extra little trick comes in. Because I think these part lines-- they're like, eh, I don't really love looking at them. So this is why we left some of this hair down. You're going to take this hair and pull it up like this. And again, you can use a little bit of water, you could use spray wax, you could just leave it out, if you wanted a more messy look. Whatever you want here. These are options. I'm just going to comb this up, like this, very softly. You don't want to dig your teeth in there because you don't have a ton of hair. And do that on both sides. OK. When you get that all smoothed out the way you like it, go ahead and take that same elastic you were using before and secure it all together. 

OK. Now this is the point in which you can choose several different things here. You can choose to leave it like this as a really nice pony tail. Not my favorite, only because it hides the bottom braid, which I think is really cool. So you could just twist the hair and wrap it around and do a normal bun. You could do a braid bun, whatever you want. For our liking, we love to do the messy bun. So I'm going to open that elastic back up and pull this hair out a little bit, until only the last bit of ends are hanging out like that. And then I'm going to mess it up. So I'm going to take the hair and twist it around. And then, when you get it placed where you like it, just take another elastic, put it up and over. I know that looks like a giant mess right now. Then you just take bobby pins and you just lay things and tweak things to wherever you want them to sit to create a big, beautiful bun. OK. When you get it all pinned the way you like it, then you're finished. Again, lots of options here-- regular bun, braided bun. I just wanted to make sure that you can see the braid going up the back and the braid coming down the front. Now, if you really want to control some of the fly-aways, just use some spray wax. And you can just touch those edges a little bit and it's going to hold everything in place. And let's do the final spin. So we have the front with the braid going in. And then, all the way to the back, with also the braid going in. But we don't see any visible part lines. And you can definitely see how wearing it as a ponytail in the back, or even just a regular twisted bun, would give it a very dressed down feel if you were in jeans and a t-shirt. And of course, if you put on a dress like this, it could count for homecoming, prom, church-- what else? Weddings-- anything like that. So then you have fancy do. Either way.

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