Friday, March 4, 2016

14 Ways to Improve Memory and Brain Health

In the next five minutes I'm gonna bring out the FitLife TV team and we'll gonna show you some time tested proven ways to increase your brain function so that as you age, you age gracefully. You are not forgetting where your car keys are and more importantly you are not forgetting the relationships that you've built your entire life with people that you care about. The important things right? The things that make life worth living. At the end of the day, all of the material objects around us are cool and all but what we really love the most is that quality time in the relationships that we have. If you're not 100% able to have that present moment that engagement with somebody because your brains not functioning correctly, to me that's not really living.

So I'm gonna show you this amazing juice recipe that tastes absolutely amazing after the FitLife TV team tells you some other tips, tools and tactics. Let's do this. I like to do two things, part of a five minute journal. One, I list every morning three things I'm capable for and two every night I list three things that, three major things that happened to me today and change my brain to focus on all the good things I life. What I like to do is to make sure that I take probiotics every single day.

One of the early signs of poor brain function is poor digestion. By taking probiotics that helps replenish the healthy gut flora which we need for our immune system, our brain health and everything else that's going on in or body. I exercise regularly so whether that's going to the gym or something taking a walk outside, may be foam rolling or stretching, move my body every single day and one former passion that really helps me maintain mental cognition and keep me smart, keep me on my toes. My favorite little trick for boosting cognitive function and helping my brain will be fasting and it's based on the promise that digestion is a distraction.

It does require a lot of brain activity that we otherwise would associate with what we're working on, you know creative aspect when I write or when I edited video or when I'm coming up with brainstorming ideas. So walnuts. These are good for omega 3 fatty acids which are good for brain function. It kinda like oil your little, your little brain creases. It is little guys if you want to concentrate, these little guys here, they're good. My tip for you is, is basically meditation. I spend 15 - 20 minutes every morning, taking sometime to meditate.

Helps me to get centered for my day and really start off my day on a very positive and gracious moment. I take the time, it's so important and it's what centers me and grounds me for the day. So my answer is this, obviously you know I'm a huge advocate of juicing, hydration. The body is 75 - 80 percent water. This cucumber, hmm, I had to do that. So good. Alright so what kind of juicing recipe we have? Simple. I got one cucumber here, just like this. I got some parsley, good at detoxifying the blood. Some lime, it's gonna cool the body off a little bit. Who doesn't love a little lime? Ginger, it's gonna help you with your digestion right? They say your gut is your second brain and when you get rid of the inflammation in your gut which ginger helps with, it helps with the inflammation in your brain does the, you know, neural synapses happening back and forth is even quicker.

We got a little kale loaded with chlorophyll, great for the blood as well. Dandelion greens flushes out that liver, again, helps you create bile, good for the digestion. Absolutely amazing, we'll gonna put a little bit of that in there. And one very special ingredient, MCT oil. They say that two tablespoons of coconut oil per day helps reverse these visible signs of Alzheimer's which is huge right? A study that was done recently. So we'll gonna add some MCT oil to it and I have a pinch of sea salt. We're gonna throw in our juice for the minerals. There's a 112 minerals in the sea salt that we've chosen today. Let's make this juice and I will drink it, you and me. Hmm, looks amazing! Little MCT oil, finish it off. We're gonna stir it up just like that. Alright my friend here it is, little MCT oil on top for that basic juice recipe. You can check out the blog below for the ingredients in the recipe once again. Also leave a comment on the blog for a chance to win this beautiful Kuving's juicer.

If you haven't seen this yet, look at this thing. Absolutely amazing. If you need a juicer, I'm gonna leave a link for that too, you can go ahead and check out and get one of these. Great investment for your health. Hmm, spicy from the ginger but I like it. Alright, so who won the juicer this week? Matt Magee is the juicer winner. Congratulations Matt! He is a true FitLifer. He's experienced four concussions in his life and over time, he's really developed a little bit of mental fatigue/ his memory isn't like it used to be. So as you know, juicing can help restore the mitochondrion not only on your body but in your brain can help you with neurogenesis, create the motivation that you need. He actually get to the gym, get those dopamine and those good endorphins in your brain. So we are huge advocates of juicing here and we wanna award Matt a juicer. Congratulation buddy! The juicer is coming out to you. Alright so one of the things we didn't talk about today was the Alpha Reset. The Alpha Reset actually helps cleanse your gut out so that it opens up those neural pathways as well helps you create neurogenesis in the brain. I believe fasting is one of the greatest for your brain as well, 100 percent. If I'm ever feeling a little fatigued in the brain like my mind isn't working fast enough, what I do is I'll take a day, I'll fast, eat moderate the next day and we have that all laid out for you in the Alpha Reset which you can download right below this video on the blog, simple and easy. Thank you so much for watching this week's Saturday's Strategy. I'm Drew Canole, remember we're in this together and I'll see you next week. See this little guys? Looks like your brain right?

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