Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. Would be talking to you about 1000 kilo calorie diet. 1000 kilo calorie diet is ideally given to people who are weight watchers, who want to knock off some weight and to cover these 1000 calories we divide the entire day's intake, caloric intake into about 6 meals. what's important is to break those meals into all frequent meals through the day, wherein we start off with breakfast, wherein you could give, 80% of your, weight loss program would include 1000 calorie probably take options like oats as a breakfast, or maybe a fruit group for breakfast and probably post 2 hours we give them something like a buttermilk or a green tea and then for lunch we would probably recommend.

A low carb meal which would probably be an intake of maybe a kenova or broken wheat or buck wheat. You can make it as a kichidi or a porridge or something like that, add vegetables or some pulses into that to increase the nutrition quotient. It can be coupled with a salad, it be a buttermilk or some yogurt. 4'0 clock post lunch we could give them green tea with probably a high fiber biscuit or some kind of cereal, and then again 2 hours post that we probably give a clear soup or something like that which is little filling and nourishing.

For dinner, if you probably skip the cereal as in breads or rice and go in for a grilled or a high protein sauce as in grilled chicken or fish coupled with a salad, I think would cover the entire 1000 calories that one should take.

I am just someone who likes to write,especially writing about diet programs. Thanks For Reading My Blog

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