Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Fitness Routine!

Hey guys today on tell you a little bit about my fitness routine because I'm really not super fit but I like to stay active just so I don't get crazy fat because I really don't eat so well so what it do is basically go locks every single day by at least every weekday from Monday through Friday and this for me has worked out so great because it's something that actually stick with I just do it really early in the morning so it's not something that takes out to each time out of my day again I just go walk in so I don't really feel like it's a white-collar just feel like I'm hanging out I don't know don t like this guy because the disease does that work for me but definitely feel like you have a little bit more strength and you can go jogging is just better for you definitely do that but for me I just like to look at the trees to listen to the music industry wraps but okay.

So I admit that sometimes I feel like walking is a really enough but that lets you have had a pizza the night before I feel like it's really planning on me so what I've been doing is using it at the kids because the workouts I can do a whole and it's really no trouble at all I can do that with no problem and the app is called pump up it's really cool because it doesn't only give your workouts but it also gives you like this whole community where people post pictures well fitness inspiration and fitness meals and it's really cool because I feel like they need to get inspired to you better cuz that's something I really don't feel it is dizzying you know in ATL love the way you could locate you really work out and use the app a little bit more to the way it works is that you can just start a workout and you can customize it and you can choose basically everything.

You can pick what you regard as the before and I always go for losing weight because that's what I want and your level I go for intermediate cuz they do it two or three times a week and also the duration and they feel good about for this because only to it for like 30 minutes but that's how much time I have been lying east and this part is really cool because it reaches to do at home at the gym for a way and also the equipment is awesome because honestly I have like no equipment but if you do you can choose where you have but I always choose the coming cuz I don't really have anything so severe customer I got you choose the muscles you want I get and that's it basically the ap just builds the wake up for you so long is that not really or cowgirl have to force myself but I do it and before I start I always like to just reg and the at does give you a one-month by I like to stretch a little bit extra because I put myself working out before slightest recommend you.

Do that just didn't want to be safe and yeah basically turned out to my website so we still like eachother the app doesn't give you different tools from easier ones too hard I was that I really gonna make you sweat I would really like it they can tap the screen it's gonna tell you exactly where you're supposed to your work out that way you don't hurt yourself and this is really really important it's a mystery to them correctly so you're here just doing the work out that came up for me but again it's gonna be really different for each person so right now we have to do is go and download the app for you all seeking God's suffer like me or enjoy a few like to work at home you know can't resist a fruity but you could also go and follow me on the album and try and stay active there cuz I really need to but was lower case finished even if it's just for 30 minutes I'm really exhausted cell I just go stretch again and I just get water and then done and since they do it in the morning it feels really good to just had that done by Miley early in the morning so you can do when you work out i really suggest you do it and and I think that's really awesome is that your workout will be seen if you wanna go back and do it again and your progress will be safe as well so I hope to see you guys in a pump about cuz I need your healthy moderate I'm not see the third video yeah

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