Sunday, February 28, 2016

Morning “Fitness” Routine (ANYONE CAN DO THIS!)

What's up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. It doesn't get any more behind-the-scenes than this. You guys have wanted to see what is it that I do exactly in my life. Well, you know, it really starts here in the morning with one tip that I feel like you should really start doing. Make it a habit because it's going to make a big difference in your physique over the long term. The very first thing that I do when I wake up, here, this is a bed head and all, I wake up and I grab my glass of water that's right next to my bathroom sink. And I drink 2 full glasses of it. It's about 16 ounces. You can drink even a little bit more, but it's a little bit hard to maybe stomach too much water especially if you're starting this habit.

The reason why, and remember guys, your muscles are 75 percent water. Your brain cells are 85 percent water. You've just gone 8 hours, hopefully if you're sleeping enough, without anything. No hydration at all. You would never do that during the day if you were awake. As a matter of fact, I hope you wouldn't if you're following this channel, but if you do, you've got to do something about replenishing it quickly. So if you give it this little boost here, some even German researchers will say this will boost your metabolism for 90 minutes after doing it if you drink cold water. 

I'm not really doing it for that reason. I'm doing it just for the hydration benefits and making sure that we don't start our day dehydrated and then try to play catch up the whole rest of the day Especially if coffee is part of your morning ritual, all you're going to do is further dehydrate yourself. If you get your jump start right here, it will make an enormous difference in how you feel, and an enormous difference in how your muscles can perform that day being that they're not dehydrated anymore, and an enormous difference over the long term about what our physique will look like. 

So, you know, hopefully these really quick behind-the-scenes, Jeff grab your camera and go shoot a tip, will be very helpful for you because I really do believe it's the cornerstone of what I do the very first thing in the morning. Alright guys. If you found this helpful, make sure you leave a thumb's up. If you want to see maybe more of these 'what I'm doing in my daily life' tips, just let me know and I can try to bring some more to you. Alright guys, I'll talk to you again soon..

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