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Get Healthy With Me | FOOD DIARY eines Fitness Accounts πŸ“πŸ§πŸ‰πŸ Gesund, lecker & Cheaten erlaubt πŸ«πŸ“πŸ§πŸ”πŸ•

Hey guys! My last Food Diary has been so popular among you guys that I decided to film another Food Diary for you Last time I filmed a weekend of mine This time I'm filming from Monday to Thursday where I often have less time So here we go! On Monday morning I was craving for something sweet that's why I made some Clean CrΓƒΒͺpes I added a bit fruit: dragon fruit and strawberries I also had some Puder-Xucker with it That's a healthy alternative of powdered sugar I like to pour it over crΓƒΒͺpes or Kaiserschmarrn And it takes really yummy For lunch I was looking for something savory That's why I made some meat balls, but I also added some veggies: Bell pepper and zucchini I also had some homemade "RΓƒ¶sti" with it It's a healthy version though as I used sweet potatoes to make them For dessert I had a piece of my Clean Strawberry Cheesecake It's a recipe that is really not difficult to make

You can find it on my Instagram account Every once in a while I love having a piece of cake for dessert My dinner was fully vegetarian I made some stir-fried vegetables I just heated up a bit vegetable broth added my favorite veggies There you have a wonderful meal On Tuesday I had my favorite breaky: Hawaiian AΓƒ§aΓƒ­ Bowl I know it from Hawaii, there you can find it on almost every corner And I was happy to find a recipe where I can also have it in Germany I also had a Mango Lassi with it For lunch I didn't have much time That's why I made myself a Protein Roll and added a bit cream cheese, lettuce and turkey breast.

I had some water with it Most of the times I only drink water And that's what I did here too Because only one roll doesn't satisfy me I just cut up some fruit Here I had some dragon fruit, mango, strawberries, nectarines and papaya I always have some lemon with it, as it tastes great with papaya And that was a great dessert In the evening I went to the gym So my post workout dinner was Chili Con Carne It's a great meal and I really love it What is also great that you can cook plenty of it in advance And just put it in the freezer, we often do that Then I just heat it up another time On Wednesday I had Proats for breakfast That's an abbreviation of Protein and Oats And I love eating that when I'm really hungry Because it's really filling And I also had some fruit with it For lunch I had dumplings It sounds funny and they also look a bit weird But they are really delicious I always fill them with minced beef and some Chinese vegetables.

Normally you just eat it with a bit soy sauce And it's really filling and tastes awesome For dessert I had some cottage cheese with pineapple You probably think that doesn't fit together But I think it's a great combination And I love eating that for dessert For dinner we made a huge portion of Spaghetti Bolognese Usually my parents are having some regular spaghetti with it But I try to eat not too many carbs in the evening That's why I often grab some Shirataki noodles They are clear noodles that have no carbs and also no calories I really like them Of course they don't taste as great as regular noodles But they are a great alternative if you don't wanna eat carbs in the evening I often add some peas and mushrooms to my Spaghetti Bolognese I can recommend you to do that On Thursday I had plenty of fruit for breaky Sometimes.

I have some sweet cravings And instead of eating lots of chocolate I try to eat some fruit instead And most of the times that helps Here I cut up some strawberries, dragon fruit, nectarines, papaya and mango Because fruit alone doesn't make me full I made some strawberry pudding I often stir in some beaten egg white so it becomes more fluffy I also had some selfmade Cappuccino with it For lunch I didn't have much time so I just made a Pretzel Bagel You can find the recipe for healthy pretzels on my YouTube channel I just added some cream cheese, cress, bell pepper, lettuce and turkey breast And there you have a super yummy meal For dinner I had some Wiener Schnitzel with a green salad I believe Wiener Schitzel is one of the most delicous meals there is And I really love to eat that For dessert I treated myself with a piece of my Clean Fridge Cake And on top of that I had a piece of chocolate So lovelies that's it I hope you enjoyed watching this video If you wanna see more Food Diaries give me a thumb up Besides that I'm wishing you a wonderful day ?

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